zondag 23 oktober 2011


The "Devil and the Violin" is a folk tale I read last week:
A man played fantastic music on a violin he built himself and with his music he charmed everybody. The devil was jealous and offers the man a lot of gold for his violin. The man fond a good proposal and took the gold. The devil immediately began to play on the violin but no one stopped to listen to his music. He became angry and sought the man to complain that the violin had a problem. The man answered that nothing was wrong with the violin. He said he sold his instrument, but not his soul.
This story illustrates that something wonderful has nothing to do with training, material or to follow a certain fashion. And also that inspiration (as motivation) comes from your inner. 

Rotterdam Zoo

mei 2012 at Rotterdam Zoo: some koffie, a donut and a model for a few minutes...

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