zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

16th Studio Route in Delft and Delftse Salon

16th Studio Route in Delft: 8 and 9 Oktober. Opening Saturday, October 8, at 11 hours in Kadmium, Koornmarkt 48F. Delftse Salon at Kadmium, Oktober 6 to November 6, Delftse Museum Night, October 28.

My home is my studio at the same time because I like working at home. I can in this way at any time go to work, it doesn’t matter if the early morning or late evening.

My painting corner opposite the kitchen. To the left of my table is a pepper plant (now with 5 peppers), on my table is a cherry tomato plant (now with 3 tomatoes, not shown) and right of my table two avocado trees. Except my companion they are often used as a model for my work.

Figs as a model for my work. I'm still working on the canvas of the five figs

My table for drawing en linocut in my living room.

To draw... 

To make books... 

For printing linocuts... 

My press to print linocuts, also in my living room. 

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