zondag 20 oktober 2013

Atelier Route in Delft

When I went to take the trein to Delft (for the Atelier Route there) I saw these sheep.
They had to 'mow' the grass opposite the station in Middelburg.
It was a good opportunity to see them and to sketch.

And to make a photo...

Poster, book and invitation for the Atelier Route in Delft.
With my newest acquisitions: 8 pumpkins.

Two pages in the published book for the Atelier Route Delft.

I choose the photos and Boudewijn van den Berg designed these two pages.
This is his first idea.

But for a better balance, has become so. Left page.

Right page.

Rosemarijn with Jose at the entrance of Kadmium, at the opening of the Atelier Route.

Jos gave just the start of the Atelier Route in Delft.

Flora van Stek with her photo at the Autunn Salon.

Rosemarijn van Limburg Stirum, painting and sketches made with iPad

With my painting 'Autunn'

Voorstraat 60, a building belonging to MoTiv, aformerly a student chaplaincy.
At the entance of Voorstraat 60: Brighart and Saskia SerlĂ©.

Brighart and me.

Jeannette Infante Ferreira and Cobi de Jong in the salon.

View from the window.

Saskia and Avi Lev. The boards and paintings in the wall 
of the kitchen are from MoTiv.

Atelier route

Atelier route

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