zondag 8 september 2013

Circus, Artis and Finissage

Circus Belly from Wien was a few days in Middelburg, 
from August 28 to September 1. 

 It was special that everybody could walk around the circus.

One of many carrots for Kenay.


It was extra nice for me to could see details and to make some sketches.

In bath...

Sketch of Tigers

They are so lovely...

Waiting for the next trip...

Sketches from Royal Artis Zoo, August 31
Red Lemurs were very active at the end of the day: they jumped from their house and several trees up and down. They hung on tasks with their hind legs. 
It was like a circus!

Artis was open until sunset. Ik was nice to see many noctural animals as the Ground Cuscus and Three-striped Night Monkey. 

After finissage of the Bird Exhibition (September 1), we had an amazing vegetarian dinner
at the atelier of Leni. The exhibition was a great succes:
there was a lot of interest and Leni sold many works of us.

Cats and birds on labels of organic wines.

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