zaterdag 15 december 2012

News from November en December

Still in the evening preparations (linocuts) for Book Art Fair in Leiden, in November.

More preparations (business cards and packaging). 

Pieterskerk in Leiden, where the Book Art Fair is held.

Interior of the Pieterskerk: the fair was inspiring as other years.

My table (pictures made by Boudewijn). 

Spring in Middelburg...  

Bastion of Middelburg. 

Birch Forest in Westkapelle. 

Canal of Walcheren. 

Westkapelle beach with a view of Domburg. 

A little snow in Middelburg. 

Dodo in the Heaven: 2012, acrylic on canvas,  30x30 cm
This painting seemed right to make a wish for 2013: I hope more love and respect for nature. And of course for each other throughout the world. 

The Art Route will be present at the Christmas Markt (at the Helm, at City Hall in Middelburg) from 20th to 29th December. I'll be there with my work on the 28th and 29th. Welcome!
Now it's time to decorate the Christmas Tree... Have a nice and peaceful Christmas and a very goed 2013! 

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