woensdag 14 december 2011


I always wanted to paint a Poinsettia for the beautiful color contrast red and green. By lack of time I could only sometimes draw this plant.

sketch book, 2003

One day, when I went to my work, I found a Poinsettia on the street. The plant was broken and therefore discarded. I took this plant and decided to paint it. Sometimes something from my daily life has touched me, something caught my attention and then I go to work. I do not know why, maybe a bit of the feeling of something to rectify for this plant that is discarded.

sketch book, the discarded Poinsettia, 2006

I made ​​sketches, painted and made a story about a neglected Poinsettia that again flowered because it received attention and care.

acrylic on canvas, 18x13 cm, 2007

acrylic on canvas, 18x13 cm, 2007

leporello book 'Het Kerstplantje' (Poinsettia), 25 ex., 2008

acrylic on canvas, 20x20 cm, 2008

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