donderdag 8 december 2011


Mr. Van den Brink purchased the property "Huis ter Rijn" (in Alphen a/d Rijn) as a garden for his private collection of birds. His park was in August 1949 one day open to the public. The people were so enthusiastic about his birds, that Van den Brink decided to establish a bird park. Avifauna was opened on 17 May 1950 and it was the first bird park in the world.

My parents went to Avifauna maybe between 1953 en 1955. They had a page in an album made ​​for this trip. My brother fond this page:

For my sketches in Avifauna I use a ball point pen and sometimes color pencils. I draw directly on the paper, this is why sometimes the proportions or details are incorrect. I use these sketches for further works (as paintings and linocuts) and they are also a reminder of a nice day I spent in Avifauna.

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