zondag 25 september 2011

Cactus as a model

Cactus have always fascinated me. I have a few cactus at home, sometimes they go along  the years, but sometimes not. They become suddenly ill and died.
This cactus in the picture I have years at home. In the summer of 2006, the cactus bloom for the first time but by busy I have not seen that. When I saw that its first flower was bloomed I immediately took my brushes and a canvas and started painting. I promise myself that despite problems, I wanted to miss nothing more, that I should keep looking for everything  around me... because life is wonderful!

 The first flower is blooming...

To my joy I saw that the cactus had a new node. This time I have seen her develop from node to flower.

 The development...

Open to the world... 

The departure: the second flower is blooming... 

The cactus has two 'kids', pen drawing 2007.

 I repotted them in 2008 ... 

I fond once the cactus (on the left side of this painting) on the sidewalk (with other three cactus). After a few weeks at home, he suddenly flourish. The other cactus (on the right side) is the cactus of this blog, with three nodes.

The Equilibrist, 2008 

My model accompanied by a pumpkin, 2010  

This year two flowers flourished almost simultaneously, they stayed together for a long time. 

Cactus in Middelburg, Mei 2013

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