dinsdag 23 augustus 2011


Ping-Aan (1993-2004) was a nice present from my parents. Her name means (according to an acquaintance) "love of God". She was born in Chow Chow Kennel Van de Beerse Haj, of breeder Anne Timmerman-Evers.
Breda, 1993

 Amsterdam, 1993

Amsterdam, 1994

Amsterdam, 1995

Amsterdam 1995: Ping-Aan with my mother. 
My mother was a doctorhomeopath and breeder of Chow-Chows.

Also Amsterdam 1995: Ping-Aan with my father.
My father was an engineer and was a great nature lover (also my mother).

sketch watercolor 

Sketch Elsenburger Forest, 2003: Pause


Sketch coloured pencils, 2004

Sketch watercolor 2004: Autunn

Snow, Januari, 2004


 Shall I cross or not? Delftse Hout, 2004

Saturday, 2004: It's still to early to wake up... 


New press for linocut, 2003

During walks with Ping-Aan I have experience how important is the nature for relaxation and as inspiration for my work. Ping-Aan was a nice company! 

Delftse Hout, 1999

sketch, 2004

Delft. 1999

Sketch Delftse Hout, 2004

Scheveningen: My dog loved the sea ...

...but she hated to bathe!

Oktober 4, 2007: World Animal Day
In the Heaven

A new life, 2008

More photos of mij dog, paintings and linocuts see please set Ping-Aan at my Flickr.

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