zondag 14 april 2013


Waiting for Spring at Zoo Rotterdam...

Mandarin Ducks

A few sketches after a tiring workday and sketches at Blijdorp (small sketchbooks)

Still snow in March... and yes: we had a white Easter!


Oostkapelle: the beach is still in possession of the birds...

Oostkapelle, Kasteel Westhove

Blijdorp has money problems because of the crisis. This is why Blijdorp is from January to the end of football season 2012-2013 officially sponsor of football club Feyenoord. Especially for the zoo developed ASR  (sponsor of Feyenoord) Olli, special shirts, scarves, posters and stickers. The proceeds from these action goes to the zoo. A.S.R. makes this generous gesture because the company wants to return to the essence of insurance: provide support to those who need it.
The elephant Olli plays the major activity along with former international Giovanni van Bronckhorst in the campaign made by A.S.R. See also the beautiful advertisement here.
At the launch of Olli nearly 10,000 were sold in three hours. He was temporarily sold out (tijdelijk uitverkocht). 

After so many negative news about the crisis was nice that such an initiative came. 
There was a cheerful atmosphere in the zoo with many Olli's. 

New friendship...

New friendship...

Olli's waiting for new friends...

In the restaurant you could find more Olli's...

Olli's lollipops...

.And Spring? Perhaps coming.
Yesterday a Bumblebee visit  my Violets.

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