zondag 24 juni 2012

Stress and Rest

Soon I’m going to move to another province. A move gives always a lot of stress and what I find also difficult is that I don’t have more time to paint and to draw. But I try to find some time to go to Rotterdam Zoo and Avifauna. Looking animals, trees, plants and flowers bring me to rest and I can forget for a while how much work I need to do and how many things I still need to arrange. And nobody is saying someting wrong to you... I haven’t made many sketches but it was nice to spend sometimes an afternoon outside.
When I was in Avifauna I saw again my faithful companion and model (a Pink-backed Pelican, see my flickr. He was sleepy so I began to sketch him but I was quickly distracted by...

... a young Common Crane that walked alongside. 

He (of she?) immediately showed interest...

... in my rucksack and tried to open it.

He was very curious and everything was interesting: plants... 

... a hole in a tree trunk... 

... a trash.

The mother came for a moment to see what her young was doing. Adults have an evident back head and neck, with a white stripe running down the nape and a red spot on the crown. Their starts are longer en graceful. 

En then they walked away, with the company of Barnacte Geese (on this picture you can see only one).

  And so I'm left alone with my sleepy model.

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