zondag 5 februari 2012

Sometimes it's nice to visit a museum...

Museum van Moderne Kunst Arnhem (Museum of Modern Art, MMKA) in Arnhem: ticket of the museum (self-ortrait of Dick Ket) and sketch of the view of Arnhem from the café of the museum (delicious cake and coffee...). This museum stands on a high moraine.

The permanent collection of this museum includes realistic works from 1980 to present. It was nice to see the work of two artist I love: Dick Ket (1902-1940) and Jan Mankes (1889-1920).
Another ticket of the museum (MMKA) with the building from 1873 (also with a new construction) that once a gentlemen’s club was for repatriated from India sugar planters.

Dome of the building: formerly a ballroom and now an exhibition space with nice light.

Garden with sculptures (and of course many birds...).

View from the garden of the museum: fog at the eind of the day. I enjoy the works in the museums but also the landscape and animals I saw from the train...

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