zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Trees in my work

Trees are fascinating in their diversity. They are symbol of strength and steadfastness. A tree with strong roots in the earth can against winds. But a tree is also protection: birds make their nests in the tasks and different animals live in the cavities of the trunk  In the summer trees provide cooling for everyone. De flowers and fruit of fruit trees are not only beautiful but also important for animals and men.
Here are a small selection of sketches, watercolors and woodcuts of trees that I made between 1988 (one of my first woodcuts) and 2011 (sketches). For paintings see also my flickr: summer, red pandas, owl, lemur, night and end of autumn.

Polder van Biesland (near Delft)

Elsenburger Bos

Along the canal in Delft, with my dog Ping-Aan.

"Perseverance", woodcut, 1988

"Tranquility" (near the house of my parents), woodcut in two colors, 1989

"Recognition", linocut in three colors, 1992

Hortus Leiden

Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)

Also Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)

"Autumn", watercolor, 1992

When I walked with my dog Ping-Aan, I  gathered these beautiful autumn leaves.
Watercolor, 2004

Also watercolor of 2004.

Rosemarijn van Limburg Stirum (site and blog) is working on a new project on fruits of Indonesia (she was born there). We were in Xodus, an exotic plant shop in Delft, to draw banana trees and other plants. Photo of Rosemarijn making a watercolor.

Photo of Angela, making a sketch.

Sketch of a banana tree from Xodus.

Also a sketch of a banana tree from Xodus.

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